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Leadership Training

eadership Training - Equipping Pastors and Leaders

Now more than ever leaders are in need of solid preparation for ministry. Beyond traditional seminary training, leaders need to know how to share vision, connect with people and create momentum within their organizations. The ability to reach unchurched men and women successfully is predicated on understanding the postmodern world that we live in and relating to the people who need the gospel of Jesus Christ. CACM is committed to relevant leadership development. We are an incubator for leaders!

nfrastructure - Developing Vision-based Infra-structures

CACM is committed to assisting leaders in developing functional structures that are consistent with their vision. Frequently a leaderís vision is trapped in the quagmire of an outdated, traditional structure and it never thrives. CACM provides each senior pastor with a personal analysis of the vision and the structure currently in place in the church.

amily - Investing in Families

Today the divorce rate is skyrocketing within the church. Leaders and their homes are constantly under the attack of sexual temptation, struggling teens and marriages under pressure. We are committed to providing marriage and family training, marital accountability and a supportive network that values strong marriages and families.

ncouragement - Encouraging Pastors

Pastors face unique challenges and demands in our society. All pastors need to feel the support and affirmation from like-minded, seasoned spiritual fathers. Sometimes what pastors need most is encouragement. CACM provides encouragement for its members through:

1. Support and care from our leadership office and other pastors

2. Fellowship at our quarterly meetings with our apostolic leaders

3. Accountability that requires pastors to report their financial dealings in the church as they are encouraged to follow a clear set of accounting principles

4. Regular check-ups into the pastorís personal, spiritual, and ministry behavior